Performance at ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe
Live performance on 18th October 2014 at ZKM with Mark Fell.
Stereo audio signal distributed through 24 speakers with static green and red light.
About ZKM
"For the development of interdisciplinary projects and promotion of international collaborations, the Center for Art and Media has manifold resources at its disposal: the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Media Museum, the Institute for Visual Media, the Institute for Music and Acoustics and the Institute for Media, Education, and Economics." (ZKM website)

"The Institute for Music and Acoustics carries out research and development in the field of electro-acoustic and experimental music, as well as in the spheres of digital sound systems and algorithmic composition. It also supports guest artists and scientists in productions, organizes contemporary concerts and initiates symposia and festivals. Thus, the European meeting of the electronic studios, called “next_generation”, takes place annually and the concert festival Quantensprünge [Quantum Leaps] on a six-monthly basis. In addition to this, the institute awards the Giga-Hertz Prize[30] that is the most generously endowed award for electronic music, as well as the Walter-Fink Prize [31] for Dance, Electronic Music and Media since 2009. Located in the interior of the “Blue Cube” there is a sound studio for artistic productions." (Wikipedia)
ZKM - Mark Fell