Performance at CTM Festival - Berghain, Berlin, 2015
Live performance on 30th January 2015 at Berghain.
Using 6 synced SGM X5 strobe lights.
23:00 - Opium Hum
01:00 - Aleksi Perälä
02:00 - Gábor Lázár
02:45 - Prostitutes
03:45 - Egyptrixx
04:45 - Powell
05:45 - Maëlstrom
About CTM Festival
"Together, the two festivals CTM and transmediale comprise one of the most comprehensive and relevant occasions in the world for reflection on digital culture and, moreover, one with a more comprehensive scope than any usual festival remit. The two parallel festivals attract a broad and diverse public, yet at the same time offer artists, producers, agents and curators a lively platform for informed, thoughtful debate and opportunities to network across the globe. In doing so, they fathom and illuminate the minutely diversified grass-roots level of music and media arts production. Both festivals do much more than simply present new trends and developments however. In their role as partners to the artists, as participants in on-going contemporary discourse, as active network facilitators, information resources, research bodies and disseminators of innovative work, they also make a vital contribution to the further development of critical, innovative music and media cultures."
Berghain CTM Festival - Transmediale